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Modern data analytics for professional services, launching in 2021.

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In 2021 digital transformation is well under way, changing the way we work and live.

All around us, data is transforming how teams work and how companies compete. And yet many organizations remain data-rich but insight-poor.



Successful analytics projects are built on a reliable and trustworthy foundation spanning multiple data sources and organizational functions.

For many years across the legal industry, we have seen, heard and lived the struggle to build this foundation. Projects usually demand countless hours battling fundamental problems around data accessibility, quality, and completeness. Worst of all, these efforts are almost never reusable or even repeatable.

Beyond BI

Most organizations make significant investments in business intelligence and reporting tools…

Only to learn that current-generation tools are simply unable to deliver forward-looking strategic or operational insight. The total investment to achieve analytics readiness has grown exponentially, with advanced skills in data architecture, analytics and data science skills in high demand but in limited supply. Meanwhile, mileage continues to vary on ROI as costs increase in tandem with the volume and complexity of data inside and outside each organization.


Decision-makers continue to seek actionable insights.

Without a unified data and analytics strategy, every organization ends up operating within a gray market of data, with highly sensitive and business-critical information slipping through the cracks of aging protocols across data security and governance. The strategic potential of AI and machine learning are real, even for legal business – but some wicked hard problems stand in the way of meaningful progress.


At Datana, we believe data-driven insights will determine the winners and losers in the post-pandemic reality.

Our mission is to help legal businesses leapfrog the competition with critical capabilities in data operations and advanced analytics. We do this by combining best-in-class architecture and modeling with deep domain expertise and cultural understanding of legal business.


Datana is reimagining how data flows through the organization to change the conversation around data and analytics.

By applying modern solutions to old and intractable problems, we help organizations find the signal in the noise. You’ll spend less time fighting the same old data issues – so you can focus on threats and opportunities to the business.

Our Platform

Automated Insights

Out-of-the-box analytics designed by domain experts, data scientists and business professionals

Analytics Toolbox

Full-stack workbench of tooling and best practices to mine better & faster insights from multiple data sources

Data Operations

Modernize infrastructure with pipelines to connect, curate and monitor data across your organization